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The Fro Yo Invites
February 18, 2010, 9:30 pm
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Woo hoo!!  I have been excited to write this post for some time.   Let’s start from the beginning…I searched and searched for invitations that spoke to me and I just couldn’t find any.  I knew I really wanted letterpress but I didn’t know how I could make that work.  I automatically assumed that letterpress meant that I would be spending thousands of dollars, and as I searched and realized that I wasn’t all that far off.  I temporarily got the idea of letterpress out of my mind and started scouring Etsy and Wedding Paper Divas for cute invites.  Although I found a few, nothing really made me excited. I felt like I would be settling. 

Then, as I was about to give up, I remembered that I am surrounded by talented, awesome women that can create beautiful paper products and I decided that I should ask one of them to do just that.  I hinted about this in this post, but I didn’t tell you who I asked.  Some of you guessed right even though I didn’t give any clues!  It was our very own Mrs. Cupcake through her design studio Curious and Company as a part of the Claremont Collection

Let me tell you, she was AMAZING to work with.  We had a phone conversation and several email exchanges and she was off and running.  I am not very invitation savvy either, and she somehow interpreted my lay person invitation terms into beautiful letterpress design.  She also helped me save some money by doing letterpress invites, but flat printed RSVP cards.  I would have never thought to ask about that!  So you ready to see it?

I received these and put some of them together with bridesmaid Kim and my mom.  We printed the maps Mr. Fro Yo made and we also craft punched some hang tags I made and tied it all together with some twine. 

(this is after my hair and makeup trial, so you can see all my makeup and our yummy candy snacks.)

And the whole thing:

Sorry for all the pictures, but I wanted you to see how awesome she did! 

So, where did you find your dream invites?


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My boss just got his yesterday and he thought it was great. Believe me, he’s all about the quality, so for him to compliment it, it has to be very good!

Comment by Jackie Sears

I got mine yesterday as well. I love it! I’ll send in my reply tomorrow.

Comment by Laura McFarlane

I love the invitation. Every little bit is so beautiful. Love the tags!

Comment by Brandi

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