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Shoe Accessories
February 21, 2010, 7:24 pm
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I often go into my closet and peek into my wedding shoe box because I am so anxious to wear them.  I’ve been tempted to pull them out several times just for a practice run, but my rational side always steps in and tells me to wait until the wedding day to wear them.  So, there they sit in their dust bag and box just waiting for their debut in April.  In case you need a reminder of what my shoes look like, they are the Something Blue by Manolo Blahnik.


They have a very high heel and a very pointy toe.  I am a well seasoned heel walker though.  In fact, you will almost never catch me in anything without some sort of a heel.  But, I’m still worried that they might be painful and that I might slip and fall, so I am starting to figure out what I’ll need to keep these babies comfortable (OK, let’s be honest, they won’t be comfortable, but as comfortable as they can be).  Keeping them comfortable is important for obvious reasons, but I’m especially worried about it because a friend and bridesmaid of mine said that she couldn’t feel all of her toes for a couple days on her honeymoon because of her unforgiving heels on her wedding day.  This feels like foreshadowing because I can definitely see myself saying the same thing.  Also, when my feet hurt I become totally lame and complain all the time and I don’t want to be like that on my wedding day!

So, what will I do?  First, the slipping problem.  See, I’m clumsy.  Very clumsy.  I need something that will help with that.  I found the sweetest grippers for the bottom of my shoes.  They’re called Heart Stoppers.  Here they are in action:


Love them!  But they won’t help with the comfort issue.  So I’ll need something else.  For uncomfortable shoes I have consistently relied on foot petals.  I always seem to get pain in the ball of my foot, so I don’t really need an insert that covers my whole foot.  Luckily, foot petals has a pad called tip toes that are specifically made for this very issue.  And, they come in a sweet little heart too.  Aww…


So, what will you do to protect your feet on your wedding day?


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I’m going to have to find some cushy help for my fabulous purple shoes…they’re still going to kill me, but it’s worth it 🙂

Comment by Kim

Yup, the toes went numb. But I didn’t even notice until everything was over! The price we pay for fabulous shoes. At least your feet will have a nice rest from heels in Mexico!

Comment by Amy

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