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Bridal Session Part I
March 1, 2010, 10:24 pm
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OMG.  So, this past weekend I had my bridal session and can I just say, it was amazing!!  For those of you on the fence about doing a bridal session, DO IT.  You will not regret it.  And if you don’t know what a bridal session is, it’s probably because you aren’t from the south where they are very popular.  I like to think of it like a dress rehearsal for the wedding.  It is the perfect opportunity to try out your dress, shoes, veil, bouquet, hair and makeup all together.  And, it’s an opportunity to get tons of camera time to get comfortable with your photographer before your big day.  Thankfully, my photographer is super personable, so I felt super comfortable with her.  But the biggest benefit is the photographs! 

My photographer had a great idea to do some at a frozen yogurt shop as a nod to my Weddingbee character.  She scouted about 10 different fro yo shops and finally found the perfect one, J’Adore in Frisco.  They were so awesome!  The owner’s daughter is an avid Weddingbee reader and she opened up the store early so we could shoot there without lots of customers around.  Thank you!!  Ready to see?

Look at those amazing colors!!

Love the tree!!

After the close ups I knew that I needed to get some yummy fro yo in my tummy, thankfully there were lots of flavors to choose from:

And I know you’re saying ‘Miss Fro Yo, what is that gorgeous candy bouquet you’re holding in these picures’?  Um…that is a bouquet that my florist, Kristen at Haute Floral made for me for this particular shoot to resemble frozen yogurt!  My photographer emailed me before the session to tell me that she and Kristen had a surprise for me, but I NEVER would have guessed it would have been something as gorgeous and wonderful as this:

It was 100% edible, so you know…

Everyone went above and beyond on this day to make it so special.  We had to reschedule from Friday to Saturday because of bad weather, but everyone was so flexible and knew that I was stressed and they were 100% accommodating.  I felt like a model the entire day and made sure to bust out some Tyra lines like “smile with your eyes” throughout the session. 

Also, at certain points I felt super nervous and my photographer would ask my bridesmaid, Kim to tell embarrassing stories about me to make me laugh.  That definitely worked!  I think some of those are probably the best shots.  I was so glad she could tell when I needed a little boost! 

This was such a fun day, every girl should get to feel like a model sometimes.

Up next?  Rustic elegance. 🙂

*All photos by Modern Life Studios


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These are amazing Kelsey! I especially love that first one. It’s such a great idea to do the bridal session, we should import that up north!

Comment by Laura McFarlane

You look stunning! What a great photo shoot – I love the whole concept!

Comment by Karisa

@laura and Karia: Thank you so much!! It was so much fun! Can’t wait to post the next set!

Comment by kelso115

Kelsey, You are gorgeous!!!! And those pictures are so much FUN! I love it. Love ya.

Comment by Brandi

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