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No Bachelor Party?
March 3, 2010, 9:30 pm
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You read that right.  No bachelor party for Mr. Fro Yo.  Now, before you think I’m some psycho bride that isn’t allowing him this right of passage, hear me out.  It’s not because of me.  In fact, I’ve encouraged him to put something together with his friends and even offered to leave for the weekend so they could all get together at our house.  I’ve also suggested that he go to Dallas and meet up with his friends.  I even reminded him that bachelor parties don’t have to be full of debauchery, they can simply be a time for some male bonding.


I suggested baseball games, golf, and video games.  Doesn’t matter.  He still wasn’t convinced.  I should be glad that I don’t have to worry about strip clubs and tassles, but actually I’m just sad for him.  I don’t want him to look back on this time right before our wedding and wish that he’d done something differently, including male bonding time.  The bachelor party is not really something you plan on your own, and his friends aren’t really the planning type.  So my fear is that he wants to do something, but just doesn’t want to ask.

But maybe it’s me that needs to reframe my thinking because even though I’ve asked him about it countless times, he’s never sounded sad about not having one.  In fact, he’s told me it’s his choice.  He does not enjoy being the center of attention even when among friends, so I shouldn’t be surprised about this.  But, still I am.  Maybe it’s because I cannot wait for my bachelorette party, so it’s hard for me to imagine being happy about not having one.   

So anyone else have a groom that wants to forgo the bachelor traditions?  Are you just letting it go?  Or trying to encourage him to do something with his friends?


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Anne’s husband David was the same way. They compromised and spent a day with the boys at the gun range, watching a football game, and then playing football in the backyard. It ended by about 7pm.

I think he just needs more convincing… 🙂

Comment by Ashley

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