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Stand-in Rings
March 8, 2010, 10:14 pm
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So, Mr. Fro Yo and I do a lot of outdoor activities.  Nearly everyday we take our dogs for a hike and this past weekend we also went kayaking.  I love doing all of these things, but every time we go for a hike, kayaking or just out to the lake, I take of my engagement ring, and I imagine I’ll do the same once I get my wedding ring.  It always makes me a little sad and I wish that I had something that I could wear on our outings that I wouldn’t worry about losing or damaging. 

Then I stumbled on these:


They are absolutely perfect and could be made with any of the wood that we have all around us. 

The groom made them for he and his new wife, so I figured maybe Mr. Fro Yo could do the same.  I showed them to him and suggested that he make them.  Although he thought they were pretty cool, he wasn’t so sure he could make them.   He said something about how it would take tools that he didn’t have.  Not one to be discouraged though, I suggested that he add said necessary tools to our registry so that we could then make them after the wedding.   I think all he heard was tools and registry and he happily obliged.  I think he’s very excited about the tools regardless of the plans I have for them. 

Do you have stand-in rings?  Do they resemble your traditional rings, or are they untraditional like the ones above?


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