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Apparently Potluck Studios Doesn’t Hate Me…Or Do They?
March 10, 2010, 9:04 pm
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So, remember when I was searching for my dream cake stand?  Well, the hive came through in a BIG way.  Bakerella offered to go to a store in Canada, Mrs. Ramen offered to go to a store in California, and Miss Stripes got on the phone to call several Potluck Studios retailers.  Well, all of that paid off because a wonderful store called Pine Cone Hill in Massachusetts had the last flirt ruffle cake stand left.  I was so excited I could hardly contain myself.  It was all a blur. I’m pretty sure I gave my credit card number and address, but that’s all I really remember. 

Then, it arrived:

I ripped open the packaging and pulled out my cake stand.  Only, there was one major problem:

I was so sad.  I didn’t know what to do, so I ignored it.  I left it in it’s box and just pretended like I didn’t have a broken cake stand sitting in my living room in a big brown box.  Finally, after a week of denial, I called the store that came to my rescue in the beginning and told them what happened.   They remembered how badly I wanted the cake stand, so they searched the warehouse and called me back to report that it was indeed the last one.  They told me just to throw the cake stand away and that they would credit the amount back on my card. 

But, I felt like just because it had that crack didn’t mean it was worthless.  I could easily glue that piece back on.  Once I did it would look something like this:

I know it’s not perfect and you can still tell that it has a crack, but could I just put this part of the cake stand in the back?  I wasn’t entirely sure, so I bought yet another cake stand.  This time, from Williams Sonoma. 

I think it’s so pretty, but it’s not quite the flirt ruffle that I fell in love with on the first cake stand.  So, I don’t know what to do. 

What would you do?  Glue the first one and make sure that the unsightly part is in the back?  Or should I just use the other cake stand because it has no imperfections?


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I vote for the glue. It’s a good story and you can easily hide it during the reception. It’s the one you imagined for your cake…go with your vision 🙂

Comment by Kim

Glue the one you love. Can you arrange some flowers around the base to cover up the crack?

Comment by Linda

@Linda- That’s a great idea, I think that I will use the one I love. I mean, the other one was a stand-in, but I don’t love it.

Comment by kelsey

Great- hope it works for you! Love the coloring book idea.

Comment by Linda

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