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Bridal Session Part 2
March 14, 2010, 9:51 pm
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So, after we left the yogurt shop, my photographer from Modern Life Studios, floral designer Kristen, bridesmaid Kim and I decided to go rustic.  Sadly, I had to leave the Manolo’s in the car because I did not want them to face the elements before the big day.  I switched quickly into sneakers and trekked through the woods.  I imagine that a bride running around in sneakers with full hair and makeup was a sight, but hey, I was comfy and not stressed about ruining my shoes.  We started out near a dam with greenery all around us.

We switched bouquets from the fro yo inspired one to something more appropriate for the outdoors:

And then we headed to a blacksmith shop.  OK, we didn’t really go to a blacksmith shop, but there was a galvanized building that said it was a blacksmith shop and we couldn’t pass it up!

This next one, I told my photographer that I felt like I was doing the Pledge of Allegiance, but she assured me that I didn’t look like I was.  She was right, and it’s one of my favorites:

And this one, I said I felt very “come hither” and everyone laughed at me and my photographer told me that was the first time she ever heard that.  I made sure to do the finger motions too, thankfully there are no pictures of that.  🙂  But, again, she was right, it made a great picture:

After the blacksmith shop, we headed to a barn structure:

And we found what I’m calling a flatbed wagon because I have no idea what it is, but it was perfect for photographs.  We did a few cheerleading moves to get me propped up there (thanks, Kim!):

And, for the final shot, we found an old fire truck and we even asked permission if we could take pictures on it.  I was going to be a rebel and just hop on, but the other people around me were wiser and asked, and thankfully we were told we could use it:

I know I said this before, but I loved doing this shoot! My photographer did an amazing job scouting out areas that would be great for photographing.  I was able to climb on trains, fire trucks, flatbed wagons and trek through brush, and it was all worth it.  Surprisingly, my dress made it through without any sign of wear.

So, anyone else up for non-traditional bridals?


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Kels – you look so beautiful. These pictures are amazing – congrats to you and your photographer!

Comment by Laura McFarlane

WOW – really, really stunning. Seriously, you look like a model! My fav is kel-rust-6, but they’re all just so fabulous. I can’t believe how great you look. These are going to wind up on a website somewhere, I’m sure.

Comment by Ashley

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