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Easiest DIY Project Ever
March 15, 2010, 8:54 pm
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I’m wrapping up my DIY projects, I mean there were so many of them. Who am I kidding, you know I’m not a DIYer.  But this last one was by far the easiest.  I needed to make 2 hanging lanterns for our ceremony decor.  I went to Crate and Barrel first to find appropriate containers.  But, once I saw that it would cost about $9 each, I decided that Goodwill would also have pretty containers.  So with my new idea of finding glassware, I headed to Goodwill and found 2 perfect containers:

(pretend you don’t see the wire on the sides, I forgot to take before pictures.  Also pretend you don’t notice the crooked paint line, m’kay, thanks.)

Grab crafting material from previous DIY project that you have not finished yet:

Then, take off the tops of the containers with needle nose pliers:

Then, hand the 2 jars to Mr. Fro Yo and explain to him what you hope to accomplish while you enjoy a beer outside on a sunny, beautiful day:

After delicious beer is finished, come inside for another and check on the project.  Find 2 finished jars sitting on the floor:

We even tested these out by filling them with water and hanging them from a hook outside to make sure that with the weight of the water they would stay put.  They worked perfectly! Can’t wait to show you how I’ll use them on the wedding day.

Did your fiance take over any DIY projects?


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Excellent delegating. I approve.

Comment by Kim

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