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March 18, 2010, 9:29 pm
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So, before the wedding I felt like my skin was fine, but I didn’t feel like it was all it could be.  This became especially evident when I went through my two makeup trials.  I typically wear very little makeup, but with the makeup trial I did the whole works and my pores were SO obvious.  I couldn’t believe it.  So, last weekend I decided to go into Sephora  to find something to  help minimize pores.   

I must have walked in with the look on my face that indicated I was going to buy a lot because everyone was very eager to help.  Well, I stumbled into the Philosophy section and I was ready to spend some cash.  I rubbed each and everyone one of the products on my hands, listened to the Sephora worker describe how each one would work and do wonders for my skin, and even managed to score several free samples. 

Before this memorable trip to Sephora, my skin regimen consisted of two products: Cetaphil cleanser and Jergens lotion. 



I would wash my face twice a day (ok at least 5 times a week) and throw on some lotion. 

However, now the counter of my sink looks something like this:


I bought the Miracle Worker Retinol pads and the Makeup Optional skin kit.  And, as you know, my mom bought me the Clarisonic brush for my birthday.  I’ve been using all of these together for about 4 days now and I have already noticed a difference.  However, my skin is peeling slightly in some spots, so I might cut back to using the retinol pads every other day.  I really hope that it will shrink my pores and make my skin beautiful. 

Have any of you tried new skin care regimen to get ready for the wedding?  What’s worked best?


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