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March 23, 2010, 8:08 pm
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This RSVP thing has been wonderful and terrible all at the same time.  I’ve opened quite a few that I thought were going to be definite no’s (and marked appropriately in my spreadsheet), only to find out that these people I assumed would not be joining us to celebrate, are coming after all.  Woo hoo!  But then, the reverse has been true as well.  People I automatically assumed would come; the people I couldn’t imagine not making it to the wedding, are not coming.  What? 


While others are still using that RSVP as a coaster (I assume) because I haven’t heard one way or another from them. 

So how do I deal no’s that I thought would be there to celebrate with us?  I get sad, mad, cry, am shocked, and then tell myself to move on.  But before I move on, I categorize the no’s.  There’s the I totally understand why you can’t come group, and the wow, I can’t believe you aren’t coming and I don’t get it group.  Some of them wrote a note and I definitely understand why they can’t make it.  I’m sad they won’t be there, but I get it. 

Then others that chose to say nothing, have not called, emailed, or even texted to explain why they can’t make it; I don’t get it.  Maybe they’re embarrassed and don’t want to talk to me?   I’m not sure.  But, I will say that it’s hard to move on from those that have said nothing.   I’m really sad that these people (family) won’t be there. 

Were you disappointed by people who you definitely thought were going to be there but didn’t make it to your wedding?  How did you deal with it and move on?


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