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April 1, 2010, 9:07 pm
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So, with about 2 weeks to go, I’m finding myself stressed, irritable and a wee bit on edge.  Unfortunately, Mr. Fro Yo can sometimes take the brunt of that frustration.  Actually, yesterday was the perfect example of that.  Let me give you a visual: We were walking the dogs, I was whitening my teeth with Crest Whitestrips, and yelling with a lisp (due to aforementioned whitestrips) about how I don’t feel he fully supports me when it comes to planning the wedding.  He said something about when did a bee get in my bonnet, or something about a bee and a bonnet and I could not stop laughing because it was so hilarious.  Who says that?  I felt like I was having an argument with my grandmother.  So now I’m laughing, and my whitestrips are falling off, and I look ridiculous.  But it was good for us, because it broke the tension, and then we went about the day.


However, it made me realize that I need to speak up earlier when I’m not feeling supported.  For instance, I was frustrated because whenever I ask Mr. Fro Yo to do something wedding related, he’ll inevitably ask me to remind him at some later point so he can follow up on it.  I did this for months and didn’t say anything, but every time he asked me to do that, I was somewhat bothered.  Then, we were writing our ceremony (OK, not writing it, but choosing which ceremony we wanted), and there was an exercise that asked us to write about our relationship including how we met,what attracted us to one another, and how he proposed.  Well, he said he was certain all that information was somewhere else (our wedding website), so I should just pull it from that.  I didn’t say anything and just filed it away as another to do item.  But then, I pulled it out later and was frustrated that I had to do this task on top of all the other tasks I have on my plate.   However, I didn’t say anything, I just got upset and held it in. 

Finally, after all of this bubbled up, I got the “bee in my bonnet” and went off.  Anyway, this is my long-winded way of saying that if you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or unsupported, speak up.  Once I let it all out, I felt so much better, and things changed instantly.  He started working on projects and listening to me vent.  I know that he would have done this all along if I had just said something, but he had no clue. 

Has the stress of your wedding led to unnecessary fights?  How do you handle them?


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