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Will the Real Mr. and Mrs. Fro Yo Please Stand Up?
April 5, 2010, 9:36 pm
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I wanted to try to fit an Eminem song into one of my titles, so this was my attempt.  But the real reason for this post is to talk about the entrance to the reception.  See, as I’ve mentioned before, we both hate to be the center of attention.  I’m a little more open to the idea, but Mr. Fro Yo is adamantly opposed.  In fact, when I ask him if he’s nervous about getting married, he’ll say that the thing that worries him the most is that everyone will be looking at him during the ceremony. Aww. 

So how the hell are two scaredy cats supposed to have an entrance into the reception?

A lot of couples come in like with the bouquet raised while holding hands:


Still others dance it in:


And some dance with their whole party:


And others come in all smiles:


But what will we do?  Well, we’re hoping to just sneak into the cocktail hour and start mingling with guests. Surprise!  Here we are without the announcement!  Is that cowardly?  Maybe, but we are planning on visiting with our guests during cocktail hour, so isn’t it weird if we leave and then come back again?  Even if it’s not, it’s still the right decision to go sans introduction for us, so I feel good about it. 

How are you handling the entrance into the reception?  Will you be introduced?


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Hi Kelsey! Love your blog. . .Kim told me about it, and I’ve been following ever since. 🙂

Comment by Jenny

First I totally ditto Jenny’s comment…..I too love reading your blog. And I think you and Sean should do exactly what makes you guys happy and most comfortable. It’s your day to have things your way.

Comment by Brandi

Thanks girls!! It’s been so fun writing it!

Comment by kelso115

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