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Fro Yo’s Honeymoon Begins
April 26, 2010, 7:43 pm
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So this feels a little backward starting with the honeymoon, but I’ll give it a go. 

After we partied with our wedding peeps until 3 am on Saturday night (momma Fro Yo even made it to the end!), we finally made it to our fabulous suite at the Stoneleigh hotel. 


I hadn’t been able to eat all day long, or really been able to eat much for days, but luckily our wedding coordinator, Lisa, packed up some food for us.  We tore into that delicious food before crashing that night.  Nothing like ending the wedding diet on your actual wedding day. 🙂  The next day we met up with some friends, rehashed stories from the wedding while laughing far too loudly, and eventually we drove home to Austin just in time to re-pack, get a couple of hours of sleep, and catch our flight for our honeymoon. 

I woke up Monday morning super excited about our trip to Mexico!!  Now, let me tell you girls that are planning honeymoons something.  I thought for SURE we were going to be bumped up to first class and congratulated over and over because we were on our honeymoon.  Well, time to burst the bubble…there were at least 7 other couples on our flight doing the exact same thing.  Some were discrete about it like us and just sort of casually mentioned the honeymoon.  While others were a little more forward and wore veils and t-shirts indicating their shiny new marriage.  Whatever the method, it didn’t work.  We were all cruising in coach on our way to Mexico. 

After realizing that our ploy to get bumped to first class wouldn’t work, I decided to read magazines to pass the time before boarding:

Mr. Fro Yo chose to sleep to pass the time:

Once we arrived in Mexico, we took a bus to our hotel and walked into this:


Then, we made it up to our room, and ran out to the balcony to check out the view:

We threw on our bathing suits and some sunscreen and were ready to go:

After spending some quality time at the beach and the pool we decided to get ready for dinner.

And ate some yummy sushi:

After dinner we enjoyed some nightly entertainment and cocktails:

After our big first day, we decided to get some sleep and get ready for the rest of the week.  We didn’t know that the rest of the week would have snorkeling, topless 60 year olds, baracudas, Jimmy Buffett, new friends,  and sunburns in store for us. 🙂


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