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Fro Yo Honeymoon: The Conclusion
April 28, 2010, 7:55 pm
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Since we are both terrible at taking pictures, my honeymoon recaps will be short and sweet.  I get embarrassed about taking lots of pictures, and even though I have my camera, I never want to pull it out.  But, I digress…When we last left off, we’d arrived at the resort, enjoyed some food, and got some rest.

So, we woke up in our lovely room and decided to get a little breakfast by the beach:

Then we decided to hang out in our own little palapa:

However, we weren’t the only ones that thought time in the palapas was a great idea, so did some of the older topless women (we took no pictures of this, obviously), so we thought this was probably the time that we should go for a little walk:

While on our walk, we saw a boat that took people snorkeling and we thought we should go too:

And since I was afraid of my camera getting wet, I left it behind, but the snorkeling was SO amazing.  If you go to Mexico, you have to go.  It was very safe, and our guide was wonderful.  We saw beautiful coral, colorful fish, and the scariest thing we saw was a barracuda.  One kid with us said that he saw a sting ray (liar), but I didn’t see it.  Here’s us rocking our snorkels in our room:

After our sweet snorkeling trip, we took a bus into Cancun for a shopping trip.  I bought some pretty silver earrings, and the only thing Mr. Fro Yo “bought” was a trip to the bathroom for 2 pesos.  Ha.  While in Cancun, we stumbled on Margaritaville, and I had to take a picture in the chair:

After our trip, we changed, and got ready for our last night on our honeymoon.  We ate a yummy seafood dinner, and then went to Desires night club (it sounds way better than it was):

Check out the crowd at Desires:

Because there wasn’t much of a crowd, we decided to play a game of pool, since it was what we did the night we met:

Then we called it a night, and in the morning we said good bye to all the things we loved about our hotel.

Delicious tiny coffee:

Yummy bottled drinks:

The infinity pool and swim up bar:

The swing bar on the beach:

And the coveted palapas:

I loved our honeymoon, our resort and the wonderful people we met.  I only wish that we’d been able to stay even longer!


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