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What to do with the Dress??
May 25, 2010, 3:32 pm
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Like Mrs. Cowboy Boot, I’m contemplating selling my wedding dress. 

Source: Modern Life Studios

I talked to Mr. Fro Yo about it. See, he is very practical and realized that there was money to be made from items we would no longer need.  So, the minute we got back from our honeymoon he asked when I was going to post things from the wedding to sell.  I mentioned selling my dress, and he said, “Oh no you don’t have to do that.  Girls like to keep their dresses for whatever it is they do with them.”  And he’s so right.  What the hell am I going to do with it? 

I never really about selling my dress; I always envisioned keeping it after the wedding and pulling it out from time to time just to gaze at it.  But the more I thought about that, the more I began to wonder how practical that is.  Am I really going to pull it out often enough to justify keeping it?  I doubt that my daughter (should we have one) will want to wear it.  Even if it is back in style at the time this mythical she gets married, I really don’t think she would be interested in wearing my dress.

But how do you know if it’s a good idea?  See, I’m the opposite of a hoarder, and I get rid of things so quickly.  Usually this isn’t a problem and I’m happy to be without the latest object I decided to purge, but there have definitely been times I wished that I had just held onto a few items that I gave away.

So I’ve come to you hive.  How do you know if it’s the right time to sell your dress?  Or if you should even sell your dress?  For those of you who have sold your dress, how did you feel afterwards?


A Little Photo Booth in My Life
May 20, 2010, 7:52 pm
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So, from the very beginning I knew I wanted a photo booth.  I’d never actually been to a wedding with one, but every restaurant or bowling alley I’ve been to that has one, I find myself drawn to them.  I decided to avoid the fauxto booth and go for the real thing.  I stocked up on props from the dollar store, like masks, glasses, mustaches, leis, and sheriff badges and just let my guests get creative.

I picked Party Booths to run the photo booth and they were awesome.  A couple of nights before the wedding I talked to them about allowing my guests full access to the pictures right after the wedding.  The guy asked me if I was sure I didn’t want to go through them first to weed out any of the obscene ones.  What??  People get that crazy in the photo booth?  And yes, apparently they do.  I don’t think that in the moment people realize that every guest at the wedding will also get to see this seemingly private photo moments behind the curtain.    Well guess what, we do get to.  Here are some of my favorites: 

Fro Yo Bridesmaids

Flower girls,  a cousin, and a ring bearer in the corner

My Aunt, Uncle and Cousins

Boston University Friends

Brother Fro Yo’s friends

Brother and Sister Fro Yo and a cousin

Sister Fro Yo and Brother Fro Yo’s girlfriend

MIL Fro Yo (in the pink dress) and her friends

Mr. Fro Yo’s friends

Brother Fro Yo, his girlfriend and BM Sarah

BMs Sydney and Sarah

Sister Fro Yo’s BF

Some friends

Fro Yo family

BM Kim and some friends

Did you catch the one man YMCA?  Are you going to have a photo booth?

May 18, 2010, 7:57 pm
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Can you believe it?  It’s already been a month since we got married!  I feel like a junior high girl counting my relationship in terms of months, but being a newlywed is so great, it’s hard not to recognize the milestones however little they might be.  So what did we do to celebrate?  We pulled out our cake top layer.

Now before you scold me and say that I’m supposed to save that for the one YEAR anniversary, not one month, let me tell you how big the top layer of a cake really is.  Do people consume that whole thing on their one year anniversary?  It’s got at least 12 pieces if not more!  Why wait and eat cake only once a year when I can have delicious cake once a month! 

So that’s just what we did.  And wow was it delicious.  We both only got the bite we fed to one another at the wedding, so this was the first time we really got to try our cake.  Yum.

And, for Mrs. Pug because we know she loves an artichoke (yes, each of those is a post dealing with artichokes, I know there are more, but I figured 3 was good), Mr. Fro Yo looked at the center of our Magnolia flower and said, “Why is there an artichoke in that flower”? 

In his defense, it does kind of look like an artichoke, but that’s what their centers look like!  Anyway, for everyone still planning their wedding, look what you have to look forward to after the wedding–cake every month!  Yay!

Is anyone else going to eat their top layer of cake each month?  Or are you following the rules and going the one year anniversary route?

Wedding Weekend Begins!
May 13, 2010, 9:09 pm
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I’m waiting on my pro pictures, but I have a few photos I can share from the festivities that took place the day before, so I figured I could get started. 

Friday most of my bridal party and friends started arriving, and we got started early.  I picked up one of my college friends from the airport and we headed straight for the nail salon. 

(family friend, SIL Fro Yo, and me)

This was the first time I had my entire bridal party together, including my flower girls and we had such a great time!  We popped some bubbly (What?  Doesn’t everyone do that at noon?) and all of us got our nails done.

 (I know I look so uncomfortable, but I promise I was loving it)

Then we went back to Bridesmaid Kim’s house to get ready for the rehearsal dinner.  We drank more bubbly and I managed to take a couple bites of food for the first time that day. Then, we were headed to the rehearsal, where apparently we were all rehearsing so diligently that I have no photos from this, but there are some photos of the kids playing in the rocks instead of rehearsing:

Then it was time to get some yummy dinner at Matitto’s:

After dinner, we had speeches by my family and Mr. Fro Yo’s family.  Our family always likes to do speeches at the rehearsal because they tend to be personal and they’re probably best shared with a smaller audience of people who we know really well. 🙂

My family prepared some speeches and used some notes to keep their thoughts straight.  I laughed and cried my way through each and every speech.  They were so thoughtful, and now I have a copy of what they said whenever I want to look back at them.  Mom Fro Yo and Sister Fro Yo chose to go the sweet, sentimental route with a touch of humor.  Brother Fro Yo chose to go the humorous route with a touch of sentimentality.  He managed to incorporate Justin Bieber into the speech if that gives you any indication of what it was like:

Mr. Fro Yo’s family memorized their speeches, and gave sweet, touching speeches as well.  Mr. Fro Yo’s brother took credit for us meeting, and maybe he wasn’t so far off even though he wasn’t in the same state the night we met:

And before we called it a night, we posed for some pictures:

(Mr. Fro Yo and his siblings)

(Our families combined, except for Mr. Fro Yo’s dad, the photographer)

Everyone made the rehearsal dinner so special; we had such a great time!  Surprisingly, my nerves were down to a minimum, I was just so excited that we were getting married the next day! 

Name Change Game
May 12, 2010, 8:07 am
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Before this whole marriage thing, I was Miss S, and now after considering whether or not to change my name, I decided that I wanted to take Mr. Fro Yo’s last name.  So now I’m Mrs. L. 


I know this is a very personal issue and I can see reasons for each side (change vs. not change vs. hyphenated).  Had I decided to go the hyphenated way, my entire name would have been 36 letters long.  Yikes!  

However, changing my name is taking some getting used to.  Granted I’ve been married all of 3 weeks, so that’s to be expected.  But I’ve wanted to correct people on several occasions when they called me by new name.  In fact, I feel like I’m lying when I tell people my name now.  It takes me back to high school when I would doodle in class and play the name game where I would match up my first name with my crushes’ last name, only now it’s for real so there’s no need to blush if someone catches me doodling it. 

Currently, my wallet is a big mess of Miss S and Mrs. L with some credit cards and documentation reflecting the new last name and some the old.  I think even Mr. Fro Yo is having a hard time wrapping his mind around the whole thing.  I sent him a text saying, “I’m officially Mrs. L with the social security office.”  And he wrote back, “Ha. That looks weird.”  Aww, thanks honey! 

 I look forward to the day when it rolls of my tongue and I no longer have to stutter in meetings when I’m introducing myself, and when co-workers no longer introduce me to new employees and say, “This is Kelsey, I have no idea what her last name is anymore.”  When will that be?

Anyone else having some growing pains with your new last name?

Wedding Drama
May 10, 2010, 9:25 pm
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So, I already talked about the rain, but now I have one more piece of drama to share with you that occurred in the days before the wedding.  After this, I promise lots of pretty pictures and happy stories, like this:


And this:


I thought we could use a little comic relief before the drama…

Thursday (2 days before the wedding) all final payments were submitted, the guest list was given to the caterer, and table assignments were complete. I was running errands with one of my nieces and trying to tie up loose ends and just gushing because my wedding was in 2 days!! 

Once we finished, we went back to sister Fro Yo’s house only to realize that we were locked out, as she was also running errands.  No big deal, it was a pretty day so we sat in the backyard and played until my sister got back.  While we were playing on the swing set sipping our coffee (ok, her’s was short hot chocolate, mine was a sugar-free vanilla latte), I got a call from Mr. Fro Yo to inform me that 8 of our guests were not coming. 

8!  Initially my feelings were really hurt, and I couldn’t believe that I was finding this out just 2 days before the wedding.  I’ll admit that I cried a little, mostly because I started thinking about all the money we were throwing away since at this point it was too late to change our catering count to exclude those 8 people.  Not to mention that now a table would have to be removed, table assignments readjusted, and redistribution of flowers from the now obsolete table’s centerpiece.   In my mind, I was running through all the people I needed to call and all the adjustments I had to make.  However, I had to quickly get off the phone because my niece was begging to go the bathroom, and apparently popping a squat while we were locked out wasn’t up to her standards.  (What??  Hasn’t everyone had to do this at least once in their lives??)  So we were off to find a bathroom. 

So, now it’s Thursday night and I’m thinking it’s going to rain on our wedding day and nearly 10% of our original guest list won’t be there.  I was super stressed and unable to really sleep or eat.  That night, after the meet up of the families, Mr. Fro Yo and I were talking and we realized that it was our last night together as an engaged couple.  However, I was so overcome with emotions that I couldn’t focus on the positive things that were about to happen.  I logically knew that all that mattered was that we were getting married, but I couldn’t help but be sad about all the little things that were going wrong.   I kept thinking if all of this is going wrong now, what the hell is going to happen the day of the wedding? 

So, at 3 in the morning when I couldn’t sleep, Mr. Fro Yo suggested that we go back and forth, each stating something we were looking forward to on our wedding day. It started with things like “I can’t wait to be your husband” and ended with things like, “I can’t wait to see if there are any hook ups at our wedding.”  You have no idea how much I appreciated that.  I went from tears to laughter and back to tears, but this time they were happy tears.  We’d never actually talked about all the stuff we were looking forward to, and it was so sweet to hear him talk about it.  He’d actually been listening all those months I was planning!  But even better than that, during this super stressful time, he was my rock and he helped me realize what was important.  Also, we faced all of this last-minute drama as a team, which was a wonderful place to be just days before our wedding.

What last-minute drama are you worried about?

Our Guests Welcome Packet
May 9, 2010, 3:25 pm
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I’ve talked the hell out of the out-of-town guest bags.  See here, here, and here.   So now it’s finally time to tell you what I ended up doing.  First, I used 8 X 10 muslin bags and a stamp for the outside. 

Then, I printed out our new last name initial “L” and used my circle craft punch to punch it out, and got these little guys:

I glued these on to the bags with a hot glue gun, and I filled those with spicy and lime peanuts (yum!) from Fiesta (for the Texas girls), and a second bag with gummy heart-shaped candy from Target. I tied both of these with the twine I got from Whisker Graphics.

For the white and milk chocolate covered pretzels, I did something a little different.  I bought these adorable tags from Made by Jackie:

And I tied them around the package with the same lovely twine and they looked like this:

Then, I put all the little packages into the muslin bags.  However, I couldn’t just throw some food in there and not include any information, so I borrowed (OK, stole) from Mrs. Cloud the welcome booklet. 

My mom printed these at Staples for me on some fancy paper, and I hole punched them with the heart hole punch from Martha Stewart, and shocker, tied them with twine.  Here’s the finished product, page by page:

Our guests actually used them too!  I was so pleased! 

What are you doing for your out-of-town gift bag?