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Bridesmaids Gifts Continued
May 3, 2010, 8:28 pm
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When we left off I had given gifts to 2 of my girls.  Well, now that the wedding is over, I’ve given all my gifts away.  As you might remember (or maybe you don’t) I decided to get each of my girls something that made me think of them.  I thought of it more like a Christmas or birthday gift.  With that in mind I picked out the following gifts:

For Sister Fro Yo I got her a bracelet, earrings and a Visa gift card:


Can’t find the earrings.  I’m lame, but they were kind of like this:




I know you’re probably thinking a Visa gift card is a cop-out, but I knew that she would really like it.  Besides, what’s better than being able to buy yourself whatever you want?

For bridesmaid Katherine (and Mr. Fro Yo’s sister), I got her this kick ass watch from Fossil:


I really wanted to get one for myself too, but I refrained. 

For bridesmaid Sarah, I got her a L.A.M.B. wallet/clutch because she loves Gwen Stefani:


I wanted to get her tickets to see Chelsea Handler, but when I looked at the date I realized that it conflicted with the rehearsal, so unfortunately that wasn’t going to work. 

And for bridesmaids Sydney, I got items related to cooking because she’s an amazing cook.  I got her truffle salt (yum!) and a gift certificate for a cooking class from Whole Foods:



And finally for each of the moms, I got a Kate Spade tote:


I loved giving everyone gifts and I hope they all appreciate them. 

Did you go the customized route, or did you find a gift that worked for everyone?



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I love my Kate Spade bag. It’s going to Rome with me this summer!

Comment by Jackie Sears

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