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Registry: Lessons Learned
May 4, 2010, 8:43 pm
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So, I haven’t talked about my registry yet, and I’m already married.  I think maybe this is actually better because I can tell you what I did wrong. 

So, when I started registering I was blinded by the shiny appliances, porcelain plates, endless gadgets, and just new everything.  I got a little greedy with my scanning gun and wanted EVERYTHING. 


However, once we started getting presents I had wildly registered for, I realized maybe I didn’t really need all the things I’d chosen.  Not to say that I don’t appreciate each and every gift we got.  Hell, people were only buying things we registered for, but I wish that I’d been able to differentiate between the things I really wanted and the “nice to haves”  on both of our registries.  Thankfully Amazon let me do just this, but Crate and Barrel didn’t.  Lesson learned: Add things you really want to your registry in the beginning, and then as you get closer to your wedding date, maybe you can add some of the other “nice to have” stuff.

I also got excited about what I thought I might be able to do in the kitchen after our wedding.  I somehow thought that the reason I don’t make fancy dinners is because I don’t have the correct equipment.  Um…no.  Lesson learned: Don’t forget to take your lifestyle (and in my case, skill set) into consideration when registering.  Are you really going to make a dessert that requires 12 ramkins?  I know I’m not, but for some reason I thought I was and registered for each and every one of those cute little bowls.

Lastly, for some reason, people were adverse to buying things off our Amazon registry.  Maybe it’s because it’s a new concept, or maybe it’s because the older generation prefers to see things in person before purchasing them, which I can respect.  So, although I thought of Amazon as our main registry site, almost every gift we received was from Crate and Barrel.  Lesson learned: Take your guest list into consideration.  If you think that your registry might be too progressive for them, it probably is.  Definitely something to keep in mind!

What are some of your lessons learned regarding your registry?


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