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Wedding Drama
May 10, 2010, 9:25 pm
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So, I already talked about the rain, but now I have one more piece of drama to share with you that occurred in the days before the wedding.  After this, I promise lots of pretty pictures and happy stories, like this:


And this:


I thought we could use a little comic relief before the drama…

Thursday (2 days before the wedding) all final payments were submitted, the guest list was given to the caterer, and table assignments were complete. I was running errands with one of my nieces and trying to tie up loose ends and just gushing because my wedding was in 2 days!! 

Once we finished, we went back to sister Fro Yo’s house only to realize that we were locked out, as she was also running errands.  No big deal, it was a pretty day so we sat in the backyard and played until my sister got back.  While we were playing on the swing set sipping our coffee (ok, her’s was short hot chocolate, mine was a sugar-free vanilla latte), I got a call from Mr. Fro Yo to inform me that 8 of our guests were not coming. 

8!  Initially my feelings were really hurt, and I couldn’t believe that I was finding this out just 2 days before the wedding.  I’ll admit that I cried a little, mostly because I started thinking about all the money we were throwing away since at this point it was too late to change our catering count to exclude those 8 people.  Not to mention that now a table would have to be removed, table assignments readjusted, and redistribution of flowers from the now obsolete table’s centerpiece.   In my mind, I was running through all the people I needed to call and all the adjustments I had to make.  However, I had to quickly get off the phone because my niece was begging to go the bathroom, and apparently popping a squat while we were locked out wasn’t up to her standards.  (What??  Hasn’t everyone had to do this at least once in their lives??)  So we were off to find a bathroom. 

So, now it’s Thursday night and I’m thinking it’s going to rain on our wedding day and nearly 10% of our original guest list won’t be there.  I was super stressed and unable to really sleep or eat.  That night, after the meet up of the families, Mr. Fro Yo and I were talking and we realized that it was our last night together as an engaged couple.  However, I was so overcome with emotions that I couldn’t focus on the positive things that were about to happen.  I logically knew that all that mattered was that we were getting married, but I couldn’t help but be sad about all the little things that were going wrong.   I kept thinking if all of this is going wrong now, what the hell is going to happen the day of the wedding? 

So, at 3 in the morning when I couldn’t sleep, Mr. Fro Yo suggested that we go back and forth, each stating something we were looking forward to on our wedding day. It started with things like “I can’t wait to be your husband” and ended with things like, “I can’t wait to see if there are any hook ups at our wedding.”  You have no idea how much I appreciated that.  I went from tears to laughter and back to tears, but this time they were happy tears.  We’d never actually talked about all the stuff we were looking forward to, and it was so sweet to hear him talk about it.  He’d actually been listening all those months I was planning!  But even better than that, during this super stressful time, he was my rock and he helped me realize what was important.  Also, we faced all of this last-minute drama as a team, which was a wonderful place to be just days before our wedding.

What last-minute drama are you worried about?


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