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Wedding Weekend Begins!
May 13, 2010, 9:09 pm
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I’m waiting on my pro pictures, but I have a few photos I can share from the festivities that took place the day before, so I figured I could get started. 

Friday most of my bridal party and friends started arriving, and we got started early.  I picked up one of my college friends from the airport and we headed straight for the nail salon. 

(family friend, SIL Fro Yo, and me)

This was the first time I had my entire bridal party together, including my flower girls and we had such a great time!  We popped some bubbly (What?  Doesn’t everyone do that at noon?) and all of us got our nails done.

 (I know I look so uncomfortable, but I promise I was loving it)

Then we went back to Bridesmaid Kim’s house to get ready for the rehearsal dinner.  We drank more bubbly and I managed to take a couple bites of food for the first time that day. Then, we were headed to the rehearsal, where apparently we were all rehearsing so diligently that I have no photos from this, but there are some photos of the kids playing in the rocks instead of rehearsing:

Then it was time to get some yummy dinner at Matitto’s:

After dinner, we had speeches by my family and Mr. Fro Yo’s family.  Our family always likes to do speeches at the rehearsal because they tend to be personal and they’re probably best shared with a smaller audience of people who we know really well. 🙂

My family prepared some speeches and used some notes to keep their thoughts straight.  I laughed and cried my way through each and every speech.  They were so thoughtful, and now I have a copy of what they said whenever I want to look back at them.  Mom Fro Yo and Sister Fro Yo chose to go the sweet, sentimental route with a touch of humor.  Brother Fro Yo chose to go the humorous route with a touch of sentimentality.  He managed to incorporate Justin Bieber into the speech if that gives you any indication of what it was like:

Mr. Fro Yo’s family memorized their speeches, and gave sweet, touching speeches as well.  Mr. Fro Yo’s brother took credit for us meeting, and maybe he wasn’t so far off even though he wasn’t in the same state the night we met:

And before we called it a night, we posed for some pictures:

(Mr. Fro Yo and his siblings)

(Our families combined, except for Mr. Fro Yo’s dad, the photographer)

Everyone made the rehearsal dinner so special; we had such a great time!  Surprisingly, my nerves were down to a minimum, I was just so excited that we were getting married the next day! 


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