happy go lucky wedding

May 18, 2010, 7:57 pm
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Can you believe it?  It’s already been a month since we got married!  I feel like a junior high girl counting my relationship in terms of months, but being a newlywed is so great, it’s hard not to recognize the milestones however little they might be.  So what did we do to celebrate?  We pulled out our cake top layer.

Now before you scold me and say that I’m supposed to save that for the one YEAR anniversary, not one month, let me tell you how big the top layer of a cake really is.  Do people consume that whole thing on their one year anniversary?  It’s got at least 12 pieces if not more!  Why wait and eat cake only once a year when I can have delicious cake once a month! 

So that’s just what we did.  And wow was it delicious.  We both only got the bite we fed to one another at the wedding, so this was the first time we really got to try our cake.  Yum.

And, for Mrs. Pug because we know she loves an artichoke (yes, each of those is a post dealing with artichokes, I know there are more, but I figured 3 was good), Mr. Fro Yo looked at the center of our Magnolia flower and said, “Why is there an artichoke in that flower”? 

In his defense, it does kind of look like an artichoke, but that’s what their centers look like!  Anyway, for everyone still planning their wedding, look what you have to look forward to after the wedding–cake every month!  Yay!

Is anyone else going to eat their top layer of cake each month?  Or are you following the rules and going the one year anniversary route?


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