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Money Can’t Buy You Class, Elegance is Learned
June 7, 2010, 4:20 pm
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Hello hive!  I’ve missed you guys!!  I’m still waiting on my pro-pics. I definitely haven’t forgotten about my recaps, and I’m anxious to start them (and see the pictures myself!).  But since I was missing the hive, I had to pop in.

So the reason for this post is to talk about gifts, ease my guilt, and educate myself on the etiquette of gift giving. 


I’ve always wondered about how you’re supposed to handle shower gifts and then the subsequent wedding gift.  I’ve done it both ways–given a present at the shower and then also a present at the wedding.  But, if I attend 2 showers for the same bride, then I’ll usually skip the wedding gift because I’ve already given 2 presents.  However, I’ve also been guilty of giving just a shower gift  and no wedding gift even when attending only one shower.  Opps. 

But it gets to be a lot of presents!  And, I felt so guilty when people were so generous at my shower and then those same people were generous again with a wedding gift!  It felt like I was hitting up my friends for lots of gifts, and in turn, lots of money. 

So what’s the deal?  What might Martha (my wedding guru), or some of the other etiquette experts say about gift giving?  Are you supposed to give gifts for each shower and then the wedding too?  Or is it OK to pick and choose as I’ve done in the past?  (please don’t shame this etiquette-less girl!)