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Flowers and a Little Mix Up
September 27, 2010, 10:54 am
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Let’s talk about flowers.  I absolutely loved my flowers, and my florist, Haute Floral.  I even went to see them a couple of days before the wedding as they were opening up.  Not because I’m that crazy, okay only partially because I’m that crazy.  I also had to drop off some vases and shepherds hooks.  But I mean, how could I not love them, look at them!

The wrap around my blooms was made from my mom’s wedding veil.  And, the LOVE letters were made from vintage typewriter letters I bought off of eBay. 

My girl’s bouquets:

And, some of the reception and ceremony decor:

Okay, enough with eye candy for now, time for some stories.  So, the guys were required to do two things on their own:

  1.  Get dressed
  2. Put on boutonnieres

They got dressed fine, but they struggled with their second step.  I wasn’t there to tell them which person was supposed to wear each boutonniere, so they decided on their own.  Mr. Fro Yo ended up with my mom’s corsage, and one of his groomsmen wore his boutonniere. 

(the one I wanted him to wear)

(the one he wore)

Yes, I could have said something, but there was so much going on, and I figured it was a small thing, so I didn’t worry about it.  So, if you care about this, make sure you label them!

Up next?  The ceremony.


More About the Guys and Girls
September 23, 2010, 10:35 am
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Okay, so we did our group shots with the guy/girl combo, but now it was time to split everyone up.  To keep things lighthearted and everyone smiling, it was suggested that each of my bridesmaids give me advice.  Don’t be fooled by these sweet faces:

Now, I don’t know what was said during Mr. Fro Yo’s guy time, but I definitely got a lot of um…great advice.  For instance:

  • “Don’t do crack”
  • “Use a condom”
  • “Don’t get pregnant”
  • “Get pregnant”

And several other gems that I probably shouldn’t share.  You can see by my ridiculously huge, throw my head back laugh, that I appreciated their advice:

There was also a lot of ass-grabbing to make sure everyone was laughing. 

And, we tried to keep things a little more PG when the flower girls joined us:

It didn’t happen, but like I said, we tried.

I know Mr. Fro Yo’s friends were somewhat intimidated to say anything since my brother was one of the groomsmen.  Maybe it’s because things started out like this:

But, I’m sure they told some jokes.  I mean, look at Mr. Fro Yo:

I asked him what advice he got, but he wouldn’t say.  In fact, he told me he forgot.  Yeah right.  It’s probably that guy code thing.  Oh well.   

The guys also chose to dance and do the typical guy poses.  I’m sure they felt really douchey, but they were good sports. 

After all our pictures it was time to head inside and hide from all the guests because they were starting to arrive. 

Up next?  Um…maybe the flower details?  Or the ceremony?  Stay tuned.

Our Bridal Party
September 21, 2010, 9:14 pm
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So, the girls got dressed, I slipped on my dress and Mr. Fro Yo and I had our moment together.  After that, I knew I wanted to do things a little differently when it came to our bridal party.  No, there’s nothing wrong with tradition, but I just figured that I probably wouldn’t print out and hang prom type photos of my bridal party around my house.  And why else do you have pictures?

We started with some photos in the area where the wedding was supposed to take place (did you see I said supposed to?, don’t let that sunshine fool you):

Then we moved behind our ceremony site:

And, over to the chess set where things started out quiet:

(I love how goth this picture looks!)

Then, things got a little rowdy:

And, we decided we needed to get in on the fun too:

Oh, and our ring bearers were there too, though they were a little shy.  But look at their suspenders!!

There was so much excitement, and maybe a little champagne.  At this point, I think I had perma-smile.

After this, the girls and the guys split up for photos.  Stay tuned!

First Look
September 15, 2010, 8:34 pm
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So, I’m going to be honest, this is going to be a whole lot of pictures of the two of us.  I thought about breaking it up into 2 separate posts, but I figured you all were going to see a ton of Mr. Fro Yo and me between now and the end of my recaps, so you can handle it.

Okay, now that’s out of the way…we decided to do a first look.  Not doing it was never really a consideration; we knew it was what was best for us.  Also, my bridal party told me afterwards that they were SO glad we did it.  I think that was primarily because it meant that we were able to take the pictures before the ceremony, which meant quicker ceremony to party transition for them.  I know it’s not super traditional, but I felt like it was just as special as him seeing me for the first time when I walked down the aisle.  Actually, I take that back, I think it was even better because it was more intimate with just the two of us.  We were able to laugh, cry, smile with no one around.

So, I took my hiding spot while Mr. Fro Yo came out:

Now that he was in his spot, I wound my way through the garden to meet up with him:

I was there!

I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around with tears in his eyes.  So of course my eyes welled up too.  He said he could hear me on the gravel and his eyes just kept watering the closer I got.  I was so surprised!!  I’ve seen him cry a handful of times, and we’d talked about this a million times before, to which he always responded that there was no way he would cry on our wedding day.  Surprise, surprise.

After we had our little moment of crying, hugs and kisses, Mr. Fro Yo asked me to stand back so he could look at me.  I took a step back and he said, “I’m so glad that your dress isn’t so white.”  Aww, thanks hon.  That’s exactly what I hoped you’d say. 🙂

Then we stood around and laughed and asked each other what we were supposed to do now.  I had no idea, so Mr. Fro Yo told me funny stories.

And, I laughed at a few of his stories:

Then, I told him some secrets:

And, we took a few more shots before going in to greet our bridal parties (who’d been watching through the glass windows in tears, well, the girls anyway):

Up next?  Our bridal party joins us!

Dress Time!
September 14, 2010, 8:55 pm
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Now that everyone else was ready, it was my turn to slip on my dress.  My stomach was all fluttery and I couldn’t wait to put it on.  I felt like my hands were shaky and my heart was racing, but they were all because of the excitement.  It was our wedding day!!

I got my shoes ready:

And, put on my wedding day jewelry:

I stepped into my dress:

Here’s where things got difficult.  I’d purposely worn a dress that I could just slide off that didn’t have to go over my head.  But this meant that I would be standing there nakey in my really hot spanx, and I didn’t think anyone needed to see that, nor did we need to get video or pictures of that.  So, my sister held up my wedding dress as I slipped off my other dress and tried not to mess up my hair.

I was in!  Now it was time to zip it up.  Of course, my niece and flower girl was there to help:

And just to be sure nothing fell out, I gave my dress an extra tug:

Then, I put on my Something Blue shoes.  Again, my niece helped (with her silly bandz on):

Now I was all ready for our big reveal!

Getting Our Dresses On
September 12, 2010, 7:56 pm
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So we were now all made up and ready to get dressed.  The bridesmaids and flower girls all had to get ready at my sister’s house before we left for the venue.  Marie Gabrielle (our venue) is gorgeous, but it didn’t have a spot for the bride and the bridesmaids to just hang out and get dressed other than the bathroom.  I stayed in my pre-wedding outfit until we got to the venue, and just slipped on my dress once we got there, but everyone else got ready beforehand.

The flower girls put on their skirts, tops and bloomers:

One was dressed.  Then it was time for the other one.  However her skirt was twisted and even though I tried, I could not get the ‘twist’ out and it was driving my niece crazy.  I was afraid she was going to walk down the aisle in her bloomers and a tank because we could not get it out.  Although her bloomers were cute. 

Well, we got it worked out and she was ready to go. 

Then, each of the bridesmaids got ready.  As you may remember, I let them pick any grey dress that they wanted.  Three of them went the J Crew route, one got a dress from Jessica McClintock, one from Banana Republic and one from Lulu’s.  Sister Fro Yo, my maid of honor, got to wear a green or grey dress, and she chose green. 

Also, each of the girls was able to pick their own shoes.  I just asked that they be brightly colored in whatever color they wanted.  Well, they were so good and coordinated with one another so that they would all have different colors. 

At this point we were a little behind schedule, but not too bad.  I was still in good spirits even though there was some rain.  I had a momentary brief cry, but it passed.  I was getting married that day, so I was excited!!

So, I hung my dress in the bathroom and waited for my sister to arrive (her hair was still being finished when I left her house).  I really wanted her to zip me up.  It wasn’t bad waiting, we chatted and sipped some champagne.  

I heard that the guys had arrived, but they were being sequestered in another area of the venue with some snacks and drinks, so they were fine. 

Once my sister got there it was time to get me in my dress!!

Hello Lovelies
September 10, 2010, 8:43 am
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OMG!  I’m back!!  I waited for what felt like an eternity for my pro pics to come in, and they’re still not totally here (proofs, no CD), but I’m tired of waiting and SO ready to share them with you.   I bet you guys thought I wasn’t going to do my recaps, didn’t you?  That’s okay.  It has been nearly 5 months since we said I do, even though it feels like it just happened. 

Anyhoo, where should we begin?  With us getting ready perhaps?   So our getting ready process was basically a day long affair, and I’m not kidding.  The hair and makeup girl, Amy, showed up at 9:30 to start the process for each of us.  But it was all worth it, she did such a great job.  Perhaps you’d like to see?

Me and my nieces

MOH and Sister Fro Yo

Bridesmaid Sarah

Bridesmaid and SIL Fro Yo

Bridesmaid Amy

Bridesmaid Sydney

Bridesmaid Kim

Mom Fro Yo

While we were each getting ready, Sister Fro Yo and Mom Fro Yo hosted a brunch for all of our female guests that were in from out of town.  It was great because it allowed me to spend extra time with my guests and be surrounded by all my closet friends and family.  It was so relaxing.  And they helped keep my mind off the possible rainy weather.  We laughed, ate yummy food and sipped on mimosas.  I couldn’t really eat anything, so I mostly chugged water and managed to drink a mimosa or 2 as the day progressed. 

After I was finished getting ready, I took a peek at the sky to see what it was doing.  It was still behaving at that point. 

To add some additional comic relief to the day, Rosie the Rabbit did her part.  With all the guests moving around the house, Rosie managed to get out of the playroom and I spent a considerable amount of time trying to coax her out from under the bed.  We tried trails of food and everything to get her out.  Luckily, it worked.

After our hair and makeup was done and our bellies were full, it was time to get dressed…