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Getting Our Dresses On
September 12, 2010, 7:56 pm
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So we were now all made up and ready to get dressed.  The bridesmaids and flower girls all had to get ready at my sister’s house before we left for the venue.  Marie Gabrielle (our venue) is gorgeous, but it didn’t have a spot for the bride and the bridesmaids to just hang out and get dressed other than the bathroom.  I stayed in my pre-wedding outfit until we got to the venue, and just slipped on my dress once we got there, but everyone else got ready beforehand.

The flower girls put on their skirts, tops and bloomers:

One was dressed.  Then it was time for the other one.  However her skirt was twisted and even though I tried, I could not get the ‘twist’ out and it was driving my niece crazy.  I was afraid she was going to walk down the aisle in her bloomers and a tank because we could not get it out.  Although her bloomers were cute. 

Well, we got it worked out and she was ready to go. 

Then, each of the bridesmaids got ready.  As you may remember, I let them pick any grey dress that they wanted.  Three of them went the J Crew route, one got a dress from Jessica McClintock, one from Banana Republic and one from Lulu’s.  Sister Fro Yo, my maid of honor, got to wear a green or grey dress, and she chose green. 

Also, each of the girls was able to pick their own shoes.  I just asked that they be brightly colored in whatever color they wanted.  Well, they were so good and coordinated with one another so that they would all have different colors. 

At this point we were a little behind schedule, but not too bad.  I was still in good spirits even though there was some rain.  I had a momentary brief cry, but it passed.  I was getting married that day, so I was excited!!

So, I hung my dress in the bathroom and waited for my sister to arrive (her hair was still being finished when I left her house).  I really wanted her to zip me up.  It wasn’t bad waiting, we chatted and sipped some champagne.  

I heard that the guys had arrived, but they were being sequestered in another area of the venue with some snacks and drinks, so they were fine. 

Once my sister got there it was time to get me in my dress!!


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