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More About the Guys and Girls
September 23, 2010, 10:35 am
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Okay, so we did our group shots with the guy/girl combo, but now it was time to split everyone up.  To keep things lighthearted and everyone smiling, it was suggested that each of my bridesmaids give me advice.  Don’t be fooled by these sweet faces:

Now, I don’t know what was said during Mr. Fro Yo’s guy time, but I definitely got a lot of um…great advice.  For instance:

  • “Don’t do crack”
  • “Use a condom”
  • “Don’t get pregnant”
  • “Get pregnant”

And several other gems that I probably shouldn’t share.  You can see by my ridiculously huge, throw my head back laugh, that I appreciated their advice:

There was also a lot of ass-grabbing to make sure everyone was laughing. 

And, we tried to keep things a little more PG when the flower girls joined us:

It didn’t happen, but like I said, we tried.

I know Mr. Fro Yo’s friends were somewhat intimidated to say anything since my brother was one of the groomsmen.  Maybe it’s because things started out like this:

But, I’m sure they told some jokes.  I mean, look at Mr. Fro Yo:

I asked him what advice he got, but he wouldn’t say.  In fact, he told me he forgot.  Yeah right.  It’s probably that guy code thing.  Oh well.   

The guys also chose to dance and do the typical guy poses.  I’m sure they felt really douchey, but they were good sports. 

After all our pictures it was time to head inside and hide from all the guests because they were starting to arrive. 

Up next?  Um…maybe the flower details?  Or the ceremony?  Stay tuned.


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