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Yummy Cake!
October 13, 2010, 8:24 pm
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Our first dance went well and we spent a little time on the dance floor.  Shortly after, our wedding coordinator told us it was time for the cake cutting and toasts.  Yay!!

I’m not sure how many times the kids had asked me when the cake cutting would happen, but at least I knew that I wasn’t the only one super excited about digging in.  But, before the kids (and I) could have some cake, Mr. Fro Yo’s brother and my sister had a few words for us.

Mr. Fro Yo’s brother started it off.  He lived with us right before our wedding, and also shortly after, so I wasn’t really sure what he was going to say, but his speech was super sweet.

Now, here’s the thing, Mr. Fro Yo doesn’t like alcoholic drinks of any kind, including champagne (I know, I don’t get it either),but dammit it was our wedding and he was going to take a celebratory sip of champagne even if he did not want to.  Check out my glance over at him to make sure he was indeed taking a sip:

I know he’s faking his sip, you can totally tell, but I let it slide.

After my peer pressure to get Mr. Fro Yo to drink, my sister followed with another sentimental toast.

And, it made us smile.

Lastly, it was our turn to thank our guests for celebrating with us.

Then it was really time for some cake!!

We had our knives from Z Gallerie:

I was nervous that I was going to do it all wrong,  but we started to cut anyway:

And you can see that I was nervous.

But, Mr. Fro Yo had a reassuring hand on my back:

And, we did it:

We gave one another a piece in a nice and sweet (no cake smash in my face) way:

And a little kiss:

We also had a groom’s cake, but I completely forgot about it, so we didn’t cut that one.

Our guests got some though (and no, we don’t work at the radio station, though I can understand why you might think that.  Mr. Fro Yo LOVES this sports station, like is totally obsessed with it, and so…he got the cake.  Somehow the station got wind of it, and they talked about our wedding on Monday.)

So, are you going the cake smash or non-cake smash route?


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