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Color Palette
April 14, 2009, 11:55 pm
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I spent a long time contemplating what my “wedding colors” would be.  It seemed whenever I tried to describe what I envisioned  for the big day, people  just wanted me to get to the point and would ask: “what are your colors”?  The problem was, I had no idea.  Was I a glamorous bride? A vintage bride? A nautical bride?  All of these sounded wonderful to me, and each with their very own corresponding color palette.  It was so hard to choose.  But I did it!  I decided on Green (think sage), Cream and Grey.

As you might notice, my inspiration board above, which was totally self created, does contain some other colors.  I decided that I must wear blue shoes as my something blue.  Because really, when else will I have an excuse to buy a pair of manolos?  Thankfully, I befriended the owner of a discount designer store.  I told her what I was searching for and she said she would personally send me an email if said shoe entered her store.  How great is that!!  Only, I can’t rely on just that, I have to search ebay, Off Saks, and Neiman’s Last Call.  Between now and April 17, 2010, I’m certain that my feet will be comfortably, or maybe not so comfortably, sitting in a pair of manolos.