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The One Where Fro Yo Says Goodbye
November 2, 2010, 8:36 pm
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Ahh… I’m so sad to write this post!!  I’ve been putting it off, but really, I’ve spent over a year blogging on Weddingbee, and I think it’s time for me to step down and let some of the newer bees take over. 

This community is unlike any other one I’ve ever been a part of.  The girls are just truly amazing.  You listened to me vent, helped me find items I needed for my wedding, and helped me plan all my wedding outfits.  But, above all that, you were an incredibly supportive community.   When I applied to be a bee, I never anticipated I would make such wonderful friends, but that’s exactly what happened.  I can’t thank you guys enough for your sweet comments and great advice. 

I will miss you all a lot, but if you’re interested in hearing what else is going on in the Fro Yo household, you can find me over at Minted Life

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite moments of the wedding day.  Mr. Fro Yo and I had just finished our ceremony and we were surrounded by our bridal party.  Everyone was hugging and offering their congratulations.  There is really nothing better than standing next to the person you love just after you say “I do.”  Sigh.  Here is a snippet from our full length feature by Vanessa McKellar where Mr. Fro Yo and I tell you what it feels like to be married:

Kelsey & Sean’s Post-Ceremony from Vanessa McKellar Productions on Vimeo.

Thank you again! 


Mrs. Fro Yo


The Party Comes to an End
November 1, 2010, 1:51 pm
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So, though it felt like the party had just started, I got the word from our coordinator, Lisa, that it was almost time for our last dance.  Boo!  The day seriously flew!

Well, Mr. Fro Yo is not a big dancer, but I pulled him out onto the dance floor for this last moment.  We danced to “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. 

We started things off as happy newlyweds:

But, shortly after, we had someone cut in:

My sister’s boyfriend couldn’t let the night go by without stealing a dance with Mr. Fro Yo.  And, not to leave me out, my sister took her place as my partner:

Shortly after, we returned to our original partners:

And, all our friends joined us:

After the song was over, everyone thanked us for a wonderful time and grabbed their ribbon wands to see us out.

And, after we had our private last dance, we joined them to say goodbye:

Our videographer, Vanessa McKellar, captured these last moments perfectly.  And, she even caught us doing a little Jersey Shore style fist-pumping.  Here’s a sneak peek from our full length video:

Kelsey & Sean’s Last Dance from Vanessa McKellar Productions on Vimeo.

Up next?  Fro Yo says goodbye. 😦