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Fro Yo Bridal Shower
February 28, 2010, 6:16 pm
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Yay!!  I had an amazing bridal shower this past weekend.  The Fro Yo bridesmaids planned a fabulous shower complete with wonderful food, people and gifts.  Everything started out like a traditional bridal shower, but then there was a moment that everything shifted.  Let’s do a walk through with photos, shall we?

 I took some pictures with all the wonderful hostess’:

We ate some yummy food, including cake balls made by bridesmaid Amy (look at the rings!!):

Then, I opened some great presents with the help of my niece and flower girl:

Sister Fro Yo made sure to write down all the gifts we received with her helper, my other niece and flower girl:

We visited with friends, but Brother Fro Yo had an idea.  Look at his mischievous look in this picture:

He thought we needed to liven things up:

Yep, that’s Mad Dog 20/20 at a bridal shower.  However, he didn’t keep it to himself, he made sure to offer it to everyone at the party. There was only one taker. 🙂

Not to be outdone by Brother Fro Yo, I decided to add something different to the shower too.  I went to get my nieces’ bunny, Rosie:

Everyone loved the bunny and the funny jokes and liquor that my brother brought to the party as the only male in attendance.  It was such a great day!

What was your bridal shower like?  Did you have any unexpected moments?


Barber Striped Straws
February 24, 2010, 10:24 pm
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So, I took a break from reading other wedding blogs because I’m at the point that I can’t change a lot, and I can’t really add a lot either.  But then these last few days my curiosity got the best of me and I started perusing the blogs.  Bad idea.  Now I cannot stop thinking of new, must have projects.  I know I am getting down to the wire and I don’t really have all my current projects finished, but I am still lusting after new things.  My latest obsession is barber striped straws. 


I know your probably thinking, Miss Fro Yo, those are straws.  What’s going on?  How could you be obsessed with something so simplistic?  I know, but look how amazing they are in photographs:

row #1 found here  row #2 here and  row #3  here

And, you can pretty them up with hearts, or whatever you favorite little decoration might be.

Source (instructions for making these here)

Have you been inspired by blogs late in your planning process?  What were you last minute must have projects?

My Guests Are Hilarious
February 23, 2010, 9:15 pm
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So, one of the best parts of wedding planning is getting the RSVP cards back and figuring out who will actually attend the wedding.     Also, isn’t it fun to get mail everyday that’s not a bill or coupons?  And, when people don’t put their return addresses on the back, I’m always excited to open it up and see who it’s from.  I also love it when my guests get creative and send a little note to make me laugh or smile.

Some bees before me  have even encouraged guests to leave notes by creating a line for them to write a little message. I tried to do something a little different with the RSVP wording, and one of my guests figured out a wonderful little rhyme that I didn’t even consider when choosing the wording.  You ready to see it?

Actually, that’s my sister.    She’s so funny, and she’s not kidding. 

Other people have commented on our invites and still others have said they are so excited for us.  Each of them makes me smile and even more excited to see my guests the day of the wedding. 

Have any of your guests responded with funny words for you?

Pity Party Table for One
February 22, 2010, 8:53 pm
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Do you ever just want to cry because a bunch of little things are going wrong?  Like, if any of these events occurred individually, you would just let it roll of your back and it would be no big thing.  However, when they all occur on the same day you get to the point that you’re ready to lose your noodle?  Yeah, that’s me today.  And I apologize in advance because I’m really not one for complaining on the interwebs, but damn y’all I’m sad. 


Maybe it’s because the wedding is about 50 days away and I just want everything to be perfect, and of course that’s unreasonable and unrealistic.  So what’s my drama all about?  Stupid stuff really. 

Up first, I searched and searched for a hair flower and I finally decided on one.  Well, it got here today and I hate it.  The seller said it was organza, but unfortunately there is nothing organza about it.  I feel like I could have done a better job on my own, but instead I spent $30 on something I hate. 

Then, the guest list is expanding.  It’s not really anyone’s fault, it’s just the way it goes but I’m stressed about it.  I had to make some cuts and then I heard today that people were upset, so now I just want to say eff it, invite them.  I’d rather not cause fights over just a couple people who want to come to our wedding. 

I also have a shower coming up this weekend that I’m super excited about (this is a good thing).  I know that my bridesmaids have worked really hard to make it nice and it will be.  I can’t wait to share pictures of the event with you guys.  But then there is drama surrounding that, and more of it came to my attention today.  I just hate drama.  Thankfully I know I have some great girls that will make it a kick ass event.  So this is more of a good thing peppered with a little drama. 

Also, I’m taking bridal portraits this weekend and it’s supposed to rain.  And tomorrow it’s supposed to snow.  In Texas.  So, the rustic photo shoot that I envisioned will likely be more slushy and rainy less rustic elegance.   

Oh, and my dogs ate my entire collection of True Blood books today.  Thanks girls!

But, to make myself feel better I bought something, and I wanted to sit with a glass of wine, but I had no wine.  Travesty.  So what did I buy?  Some lovely thank you cards from Le Papier Studio

I can’t wait to get them in the mail!! 

OK,  I think the pity party is officially over.  Anyone else ever feel this way?

Shoe Accessories
February 21, 2010, 7:24 pm
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I often go into my closet and peek into my wedding shoe box because I am so anxious to wear them.  I’ve been tempted to pull them out several times just for a practice run, but my rational side always steps in and tells me to wait until the wedding day to wear them.  So, there they sit in their dust bag and box just waiting for their debut in April.  In case you need a reminder of what my shoes look like, they are the Something Blue by Manolo Blahnik.


They have a very high heel and a very pointy toe.  I am a well seasoned heel walker though.  In fact, you will almost never catch me in anything without some sort of a heel.  But, I’m still worried that they might be painful and that I might slip and fall, so I am starting to figure out what I’ll need to keep these babies comfortable (OK, let’s be honest, they won’t be comfortable, but as comfortable as they can be).  Keeping them comfortable is important for obvious reasons, but I’m especially worried about it because a friend and bridesmaid of mine said that she couldn’t feel all of her toes for a couple days on her honeymoon because of her unforgiving heels on her wedding day.  This feels like foreshadowing because I can definitely see myself saying the same thing.  Also, when my feet hurt I become totally lame and complain all the time and I don’t want to be like that on my wedding day!

So, what will I do?  First, the slipping problem.  See, I’m clumsy.  Very clumsy.  I need something that will help with that.  I found the sweetest grippers for the bottom of my shoes.  They’re called Heart Stoppers.  Here they are in action:


Love them!  But they won’t help with the comfort issue.  So I’ll need something else.  For uncomfortable shoes I have consistently relied on foot petals.  I always seem to get pain in the ball of my foot, so I don’t really need an insert that covers my whole foot.  Luckily, foot petals has a pad called tip toes that are specifically made for this very issue.  And, they come in a sweet little heart too.  Aww…


So, what will you do to protect your feet on your wedding day?

The Fro Yo Invites
February 18, 2010, 9:30 pm
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Woo hoo!!  I have been excited to write this post for some time.   Let’s start from the beginning…I searched and searched for invitations that spoke to me and I just couldn’t find any.  I knew I really wanted letterpress but I didn’t know how I could make that work.  I automatically assumed that letterpress meant that I would be spending thousands of dollars, and as I searched and realized that I wasn’t all that far off.  I temporarily got the idea of letterpress out of my mind and started scouring Etsy and Wedding Paper Divas for cute invites.  Although I found a few, nothing really made me excited. I felt like I would be settling. 

Then, as I was about to give up, I remembered that I am surrounded by talented, awesome women that can create beautiful paper products and I decided that I should ask one of them to do just that.  I hinted about this in this post, but I didn’t tell you who I asked.  Some of you guessed right even though I didn’t give any clues!  It was our very own Mrs. Cupcake through her design studio Curious and Company as a part of the Claremont Collection

Let me tell you, she was AMAZING to work with.  We had a phone conversation and several email exchanges and she was off and running.  I am not very invitation savvy either, and she somehow interpreted my lay person invitation terms into beautiful letterpress design.  She also helped me save some money by doing letterpress invites, but flat printed RSVP cards.  I would have never thought to ask about that!  So you ready to see it?

I received these and put some of them together with bridesmaid Kim and my mom.  We printed the maps Mr. Fro Yo made and we also craft punched some hang tags I made and tied it all together with some twine. 

(this is after my hair and makeup trial, so you can see all my makeup and our yummy candy snacks.)

And the whole thing:

Sorry for all the pictures, but I wanted you to see how awesome she did! 

So, where did you find your dream invites?

My New Found Love
February 17, 2010, 9:46 pm
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OK, so I’m not cheating on Mr. Fro Yo or anything, but I do have a new love.   See,  I recently had a birthday (holy crap I’m 29) and my sweet mom got me the best present ever.  I knew that I wanted this present but I had no idea that I was going to look forward to using it everyday, nor did I think it would lead to dramatic changes for me, but it has done all that and more and I’ve only had it for a week and a half!  So what is this magic present?  My new Clarisonic Mia!

OK, I have a huge confession.  See, I wanted the Mia for some time now, and we had a Clarisonic toothbrush sitting there with an unused head and I wondered why I wouldn’t just use that on my face instead of spending $150 on a new product.  Well, about 1 second in I was in pain and realized then why I couldn’t just use the Clarisonic toothbrush as my Mia.  What?  Don’t pretend like you all wouldn’t try it too! 🙂

However, since I got the real deal I’ve used it twice a day with the Clarisonic facial soap that came with it and my skin feels so soft, I have no more dry patches even though we are in the middle of winter, and I have not had one single break out.  Oh, and I’m not shy about using this one the rest of my body either.  My arms can be bumpy and dry, but they appreciate a good scrub from my Mia too and they are transforming as well.  I am excited to keep using this and see how my skin will continue to improve. 

Anyone else loving the Clarisonic products?