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Not Quite Shredded…Yet
January 26, 2010, 9:13 pm
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OMG, Jillian Michaels, or JM as I like to call her, you are kicking my butt! 

So I went through quite a few different exercise programs- P 90X, Yoga, Pilates and now the 30 Day Shred.  While each is good for different reasons, my favorite is the Shred.   I feel like I’m working really hard, but I don’t have to commit too much time.  Also, in addition to JM making me work hard, my dog also steps in to act as my own personal trainer:

However, as much as I think this is a great workout, I’m developing a little bit of a love/hate relationship with the Shred. 

Wow, I’m done after just 20 minutes of a work out  (love it).  Oh crap it’s only 20 minutes which means that I don’t have an excuse for why I can’t do it (hate it).  My ass is so sore, I’m walking like I’m 80 (hate it).  But wait…are those more defined muscles on my arms??? (love it). 

 Then, after about a week of doing level 1, I’m not hyperventilating when I do jumping jacks and I think I might be ready for level 2 (love it).   Oh wait, level 2 wins.  I suck at this (hate it).  I’m dripping sweat and my legs feel like jello, but this must mean I’m getting skinner, right? (love it)

I really just want to come home from work and have a glass of wine, but JM’s picture on the box is staring at me and making me feel guilty (hate it).  I think I might be ready for level 3 (love it!). 

So verdict?  The Shred is the way to go.  I HIGHLY recommend it.  What’s your favorite work out?


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Love The Shred!!! It kills me! And it goes fast enough so that I don’t want to stop nor do I get bored. 🙂

Comment by Amy

Wow! I followed your lead and just got the tape yesterday. I can hardly move today. Thanks for all your great tips, I have gotten so many great ideas for my wedding on your blog!

Comment by Karisa

@Karisa: So glad!! Thanks so much for the comment!! I have been doing this 5 days a week now and it’s so much easier, keep it up!!

Comment by kelso115

You inspired me!! I just ordered it 🙂 Wish me luck! My wedding is in June, so I need the Shred!

Comment by Jessica

@Jessica- Yay!! Good luck to you! I hope you like it!

Comment by kelso115

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